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Coerver Cup is the most unique playing format. It replicates the "real game" much better than 3.v3. We invite you to participate in our Coerver Cup - you will have a BLAST!

Coerver® Cup 5v5 Tournaments  are an international 5v5 youth tournament with a unique field that sets the stage for exciting, fast paced, attacking soccer. The Coerver® 5v5 Challenge Cup vision is to replicate the event across North America with local events that culminate in a series of regional, national and international finals.

Making an Impact: Local to Global Coerver Coaching has made it's mark on the game developing players to play at every level of the game - including the World Cup. Coerver seeks to add to this success by co-branding with educational and charity partners around the globe to provide children with new and exciting life opportunities.

National Sports Center - Blaine
Boys - September 22nd 
Girls - September 23rd

Saturday 9/22                           Sunday 9/23

8-11am 2010 Boys and 2006 Boys          8-11am 2010 Girls and 2006 Girls

11-2pm 2009 Boys and 2005 Boys          11-2pm 2009 Girls and 2005 Girls

2-5pm 2008 Boys                       2-5pm 2008 Girls

2-5pm 2007 Boys                       2-5pm 2007 Girls

Mail in Registration Form

Game schedule for Girls

Game Schedule for Boys


10 player roster maximum  (6 player minimum)
Rosters are frozen after Friday (before your Cup Tournament)
5 players on the field with 1 designated as GK in a GK uniform.

Cost:  $225 per team 
Prizes for all Winners

Field Size: 
36 x 48 for Youth and Adult Divisions
*Goal Size.
 4ft High x 18ft Wide

Field Layout:

1 point for goals scored inside the shooting line.
2 points for goals scored from outside shooting line.
Kick in for ball out of play where ball went out
Yellow card = 2 minute penalty. Return to full squad if opponents score.
Red card = Player out of Game. 5 minute penalty. Team must play short for full 5 minutes. 
Double yellow cards miss next game.
Double red card expelled from tournament.
Free substitution from half line
Restart kick-ins from goal area 

24 minute games (2) - 12 min halves) with a  2 minute half time
4 game guarantee

Tournament Format 
4-Game Guarantee with Playoffs in each division..
Teams play round robin in qualifying pool
4 Brackets per age group, 4 teams per bracket recommended
3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss
Top 1 team from each bracket advance to knockout stage
ALL teams will have a final ranking
In case of tie, winner decided by head to head record
If still tied, decided by best goal differential
If still tied, team with most goals
If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide
If knockout stage game is tied after regulation, 5 minutes golden goal
If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide (1 for 1 Golden Goal) 

Penalty Kick Shootout: 
Kicker starts at the half line, Goalkeeper on the goal line 
Referee signals start with a blow of the whistle
Kicker has 5 seconds to shoot the ball, no rebounds
Goal is awarded if ball passes the goal line, shot must have occurred before the 5 second rule 
1 for 1 Shooters (Golden Goal Wins)
If tied after 1 round, shootout format continues to another round with New Shooters
If tied after 10 rounds, return to shooter #1

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