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Youth Diploma Level 2

New Coerver® Youth Diploma Course 2

This Course has been developed by Coerver® Coaching co-founders Charlie Cooke and Alfred Galustian from over 30 years of knowledge and work around the world at all levels of the game, from grass roots to leading federations, clubs, managers and stars of International Football.

It is designed for all levels of coaches, from beginner to advanced, teachers or parents, to give them a greater understanding of how to plan & deliver more effective coaching sessions based on the Coerver® Coaching Philosophy.

Course Content

Coerver Youth Diploma 2 will focus on our approach to team play and will feature:

  • The Coerver Code / Kid, the original image of our ideal Coerver Kid's 5 "S"s, Skills, Smarts, Speed, Strength and Spirit that all of Coerver Coaching is built upon.
  • An effective Coerver team style, the BOX / TRAP system, that is explained in detail throughout the Course.
  • The individual and small group skills needed to be a successful BOX / TRAP team.
  • Drills and small sided games adaptable to all ages and abilities you can take back to your practice field that teach and reinforce the BOX / TRAP team play skills.
  • Discussion of The Growth Mindset and pursuit of excellence through study and hard work that we want all Coerver students to have.
  • The technical, tactical and mental skills and practices that help students become adaptable and effective players in any position.

National Sports Center - Blaine
1700 105th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55449


October 21 and 22nd

Course Curriculum

SATURDAY (8:30a – 3:30p)

8:30a – 8:40a - Youth Diploma Course 2 Introduction 
8:45a – 9:35a - Lecture: "Youth Player Health & Wellbeing "
9:40a - 10:15a - Lecture: Charlie Cooke "The Coerver® Approach to Team Play"
10:30a - 12:00p - Field Session: "Developing the Coerver Kids"
12:00p – 12:15p - Q & A. Wrap up. 
12:15p – 1:00p - LUNCH. 
1:00p – 1:40p - Lecture: Charlie Cooke "Box / Trap Defending"  
1:50p – 3:15p - Field Session. "Pressing, Possessing and Protecting"
3:15p – 3:30p - Q & A. Wrap up.

SUNDAY (8:30a – 3:30p)

8:30a – 9:15a - Lecture: 
9:30a - 10:15a - Lecture: Charlie Cooke "Box / Trap Attacking"
10:30a – 12:00p - Field Session "Protecting, Probing and Penetrating" 
12:00p – 12:15p - Q & A. Wrap up.
12:15p – 1:00p - LUNCH 
1:00p – 1:30p - Lecture: Charlie Cooke "Box / Trap Finishing" 
1:45p – 3:15p - Field Session. "Box / Trap Finishing" 
3:15p – 3:30p - Q & A. Wrap up.

Youth Diploma Course 2 Package

  • 14 hours of expert on the field and classroom training presented by Coerver® Coaching co-founder Charlie Cooke

  • Online access to videos from our Session Planner DVD set

  • Online access to all the drills and games featured in the course field sessions

  • Course booklet with drills and course information

  • Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma Jersey

  • Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma 2 Certificate of Attendance

  • Lunch on both days, breakfast snacks, coffee and Gatorade®

  • Coerver® Coaching social with Charlie Cooke

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